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Dr Roger Down
FRCS, FRACS, MD (London)
Airlie Beach
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Ugly skin grafts avoided in 98% of patients.

Full body skin checks

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Our practice will reopen 18 January 2022

Cancer patients, please phone now to make an urgent appointment for when we reopen.

Surgery Achievements

The results are out! Dr.Down has completed another highly successful year in his local surgery in Airlie Beach. “We have been particularly thrilled to achieve such a high cure rate in melanomas” says Dr.Down, “Over 91% of melanomas were discovered by people attending for skin checks they had no idea such a potentially lethal disease was present. These Superficial melanomas were at level 1 which means that they are 100% curable with no risk that the cancer has spread anywhere else.”

With Australia being the highest risk country in the world for melanoma, and Queensland the highest risk in the country, it pays to take precautions. “Melanoma is a cancer of the young” reports Dr.Down, “Your skin is constantly replacing itself and a quick check up once a year could save your life.” Anyone aged 18-55 should have a regular skin check every 12 months, and those with family history of melanoma or breast and colon cancer are even higher risk.

A check up at our local Specialists Surgery is eligible for Medicare rebates. Come direct or with a GP referral. Skin checks by a trained Dermoscopist have the best detection rate for skin cancer, far superior than to any "Mole Scan" computer systems.

If you do require a procedure, it can usually be dealt with cosmetically there and then, come to the expert who does this for a living. Dr.Down has years of experience and performed over 3,500 procedures last year. He specialises in the use of flaps (95%) rather than unsightly grafts where necessary. There’s no need to travel to get a great cosmetic result , book an appointment today at our convenient surgery located in the heart of Airlie Beach. It could save your life.

Exercise your Medicare right to choose the specialist who operates on you.

Melanoma Specialist Clinic

Benefits of our surgery:

  • High rate of successful diagnosis, better than Mole Scan
  • Consults available with or without GP referral
  • Fully accredited for Dermoscopy – diagnosis of skin conditions
  • Experienced General and plastic surgeon – natural looking procedures
  • Trusted by fashion models for best cosmetic results
  • Local – get a city Teaching Hospital Specialist’s experience without leaving town

Summary of Results

Pathology Audit 2015* 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
New Patient Consultations 705 2338 2420 3039 3068 3633
Sun Cancers treated 325 720 1410 1531 5046 4038
All Malignant Melanomas 13 61 67 72 54 108
No. of Level 1 Melanomas* 87% 91% 89% 93% 94% 95%
Basal Cell Cancer 102 287 475 511 534 555
Squamous Cell Cancer 223 433 935 1405 3512 3491
Dysplastic Naevi
(Moles changing to Melanoma)
10 98 138 481 111 55
Total Procedures Performed* 929 2799 3956 5441 6570 6756

2015* 5 months data only

Level 1 melanomas* Not recognisable on sight, no spread to other systems, 100% cure

Procedures performed* All procedures including benign or unsightly moles, skin cancers, tumours, abscess, In-growing hairs and toenails, plus other emergency and general surgery.

Nearly 50% of patients are being managed for Cancer

*Clinic was open from 1st July 2016 until April 1st 2017, then closed for Cyclone Repairs and reopened from July 4th 2017.

Get the best cosmetic results,
use a specialist reconstructive surgeon

Examples of our work:

Before after results

Reconstructive surgery, skin cancers and melanomas

General Surgery Consults


  • All lumps and bumps
  • Abscesses anywhere
  • Anal surgery
  • Abdominal pain
  • Acute anal problems
  • Carpal Tunnel releases
  • Dupytrens contracture
  • Hernias
  • Gynaecomastia
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Major reconstruction to face, ears, nose, eyes and feet
  • Pilonidal sinus/abscess
  • Pinna Surgery
  • Specialises in skin flaps to avoid skin grafts
  • Vasectomies

Why choose us:

  • Specialist Surgeon
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Over 3,500 operations performed each year
  • Specialises in skin flaps to avoid skin grafts
  • Avoid unnecessary travel to Mackay or Townsville
  • Skip the queue for surgery
  • Carpal Tunnel releases
  • Great cosmetic results
  • Friendly, responsible, local

Servicing the Whitsundays and Surrounding Regions

Mackay to Ayr, Longreach, Sarina and Charters Towers including:

  • Airlie Beach
  • Cannonvale
  • Proserpine
  • Hamilton Island
  • Bowen
  • Moranbah
  • Dysart
  • Collinsville
  • Mackay
  • Ayr
  • Longreach
  • Sarina
  • Charters towers
Roger Down Headshot

Airlie's only specialist surgeon

Dr. Roger Down was qualified at St Bart's Hospital in London and went on to be honoured with the coveted Gold medal by the Royal College of Surgeons England for outstanding performance in the Fellowship exams.

Roger emigrated in 1976, to open the department of Surgery at the new Teaching Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide where he received a Doctorate in Surgery (London) for his Surgical Research. He moved to open new Teaching Hospitals, QE II Hospital in Brisbane and Newcastle Medical school and John Hunter Hospital before introducing and design, development and operation over 15 yrs the Visionary Concept of "Day Endoscopy Centre" to dramatically improve patient care. To date, Roger has performed more than 85,000 Endoscopic procedures. He also initiated "Bowel screening" for Colon Cancer with Rotary in the early 80's.

During this period, Dr. Down had 7 years experience in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery in Newcastle and more recently was Specialist to the Royal Darwin Burns and Trauma Unit for 3 years.

Roger brings to the Community of the Whitsundays, a wealth of quality surgical expertise and experience in Plastic and General Surgical hitherto not available. In the last 12 months he has undertaken in excess of 1000 reconstructive operations to obviate the need for unsightly grafts and scarring, at my "Specialist Surgeon's Skin cancer and Melanoma" in Airlie Beach. He also operates Privately in Mackay. Patients have the "Medicare right" to choose.

map - 1 Hillcrest Ave, Airlie Beach QLD 4802

Surgery location

Corner Hillcrest Ave and Oceanview Ave
Airlie Beach, QLD 4802

Please use off street car parks provided

Exercise your Medicare right to choose the specialist who operates on you